A beautiful day trip!

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns…
This is the true story about Paul Notter’s dream.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Paul, born 1933, was a mechanical enigneer and a passionate boat builder. His fascination for engines and elegant vehicles guided him troughout his entire life.

In the mid eighties he was asked by a friend to design what would  be his first boat. From then onwards boat building became his passion. In the early nineties he received his second order, which he was very pleased to take on. Paul Notter developped his manual skills to perfection and reluctantly handed over his second boat to a delighted and proud owner.

But Paul knew, the next boat would be his own!


In 2003 he started the project for a daycruiser named PANOA. His clear vision made it one of the most elegant of its kind. Each part was made by his own hands and he only used the finest materials such as mahogany and teak. That’s what makes this boat unique. It’s length is 27.9 ft by 8.2 ft width and the rumble, when gunning it’s two Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi engines (307 hp each!), is breathtaking!

_DSC0321finLR _DSC0138-fin-lr

In February 2008 Paul Notter,who by then was 75 years old, had achieved his goal in life. After five long years his work had been completed and also technically approved and certified by the authorities.

Only few people can fulfil their personal aims in life and make their dreams come true. Paul definitely was one of them!

_DSC2284-finLR _DSC2988-fin-lr

Although everything went well for him until then, life took an unexpected turn. Only few weeks after finishing his masterpiece, Paul died end of April 2008. That day PANOA lost it’s creator and captain.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – May 21st, 2011

– – –
Concept, words and story by Mike and Dani.

all photographs by Franz J. Venzin

I want to thank to, Dani ‚the skipper‘ and his Speed Boat crew, Mike ‚the mastermind‘, our models Violetta and Marc ‚the beauty and the gentleman‘ and Georges ‚the engineer‘.



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