A-Bombers festen!

Every summer the swedish ‚A-Bombers‘ Hot Rod and Motorcycle Club is calling for its traditional ‚Old Style Weekend!
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


…and those that have been called are showing up!
The ‚Old Style Weekend‘ is one of the big classic events in europe and it is located at the ‚Backamo lägerplats‘ which is like 20 kilometers south of Uddevalla on the swedish westcoast.

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One of the highlights is the traditional hill climb to Devils Peak.

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…for guts and glory!

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Backamo, Sweden – August 5th/6th, 2011


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  • hey franz
    once again super pics, the raindrops also really add to the atmosphere.
    Thanks for your tipps, kill the fucking blitz!!!

    CU Murray

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