This blog represents the essence of my photographic work about hotrodding,
custom culture and close topics captured over the last years and in future. Accordingly it also pins ideas, visuals, impressions and things which i consider to be valuable. It’s telling stories about petrolheads and trailerqueens.


In this documentation you’re going to meet enthusiasts and freaks with their machines, dudes and gals celebrating rock’n roll, rallies and races. Sometimes it’s the ‚DeLorean‘ beaming you back to the 30ies until 50ies.
I am fascinated by the lasting design and the people living the lifestyle of these past times. Cars and bikes, parts and pieces to be repaired, kept running even been raced and not to be thrown away. People are amazing!

I am Franz J. Venzin, professional photographer based in Lucerne / Switzerland. My passion beyond photography is motorbiking …and, as a consequence, to keep the bikes alive; ‚wrenching‘.
My (our) rides are the beautiful ’64 Triumph TR6R 650cc, a ’straight british iron‘, ’73 Norton Commando Roadster 850, the italian diva, a modified ’91 Moto Guzzi Mille GT and the Dakar-Queens, two Yamaha XT 500, an ’81 (mine) and an ’83 (Margrith’s).

Actually i never intended to publish these pictures anywhere, but after more than ten years of ‚collecting stories‘ i think they are worth it to be shown. There is no chronological runnig of the events or posts and the stories about the rallies might be splitted into different themes. The design of this site is reduced to the max, best you navigate via the ‚tags‘.

The words are personal thoughts. There is no claim to the absolute…

Now get this!

– Spot yourself on one of these pictures, this might happen. A portrait or so, then let me know, i will send you one top pigment ink print approx 5/7″ for free! But please, don’t microscope a crowd of fivehundred people, no way. You have to be the star on that visual, alone or with one other, that’s it!

How do i know it’s you? Well…, prove it!

Questions? Response? Suggestion? …just write.

Give me your feedback on gossip@solidpleasure.com, i’ll do my best to answer to everyone.


Thank you all, enjoy!


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