CCCP and the Alpnach story in 2001

…or how everything started!
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


In fall 2001 we decided together with Remo (Coni) Bernasconi and his „CCCP“ motorbike workshop to create some visuals for a custom bike show in Zurich / Switzerland.

Coni’s Custom Chopper Project is well known for it’s radical Harley modifies and it’s no less radical boss.


It was easy to find some enthusiasts who participated with their rides. But it was quite difficult to find a place to get enough space for the driving pictures and an improvised biker rally with music, food and booze! The plan was to create an authentic scenery.


The ‚endless road‘, finally, was a rented airstrip. And there was hope, hope for the perfect weather, the absence of inappropiately dressed spectators, not too many blown engines because of constant overheating and hope no one crashes the lens.

All turned out well, except the two engines that collapsed.


Finally the shooting was done within one day and out of hundreds of photographs we chose three visuals for the custom show. Many more photographs were taken, of course, but this was not only a story about the machines, it was rather a story about the people and their rides…..

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Some years later i was told about this ‚HotRod thing‘ spreading all over europe… There were small but very authentic car and bike meets, people celebrating rock’n roll and races! Cars, preferably Ford T’s, stripped down to the bones with uprated engines, preferably V8 Ford flatheads…. Buddies and gals just havin‘ a good time!


For me this was the basic idea, capturing authentic people in authentic scenes…. And this is what i’m doing now, searching or creating authentic scenes about HotRods, custom culture and close topics.

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Alpnach, Switzerland – October, 2001

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