Hindenberg Speedway 2013

Sportsman’s and amateur dirt track races. An evening in the pits…
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


As far as they have already been published in Thom Piston’s ‚The Smokin‘ Shutdown Magazine‘ Yearbook 2013 i’ll show the racing pictures later, don’t worry. Let’s start first with a little story in the pits.


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After the established 1/8 mile hot rod drag races, the ‚Race 61‘ of the Roadrunners Paradise in Finowfurt or the ‚Headbanging‘ of the Hot Heads East in Finsterwalde, there was something new showing up in the scene. The dirt track races!

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This accordingly the US-American race events of the 30s to 50s which used to be performed on 1/3 to 1 mile long oval ‚flat-‚ and/or ‚dirttracks‘. The oval of Hindenberg is 1/2 mile long and it shows real races with fearless amateur pilots in their cars and on their bikes! There are, of course, strictly rules that have to be followed and the vehicles must be pre-’59. There are four to six vehicles racing at the same time, …and they take it seriousely. It’s very impressive.


As far as there is no ‚Crew‘ around, …the driver himself is the mechanic.

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Hindenberg, Germany – September, 2013


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