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Paul Cox Industries, Brooklyn – New York

…creativity, enthusiasm, skills, endless talent, craftsmanship…


Exceptionally i’d like to quote some words of ’samuelpolis‘, posted on instagram to Paul: ‚In looking at your posts (of Paul’s work) I sometimes think that God lined up talent for people like shot glasses and when running the bottle over the top got more in some than others. Your work is stellar, of course we all know that talent is only great if it has hard work behind it. You are an inspiration.

I couldn’t find better words to express what i experienced these few hours when i worked in Paul’s atelier.


The question was, where to start and where to stop the tour?

No start, no end,…it’s a process, one job hands you over to the next, metalworking, painting, leatherwork, knife making, chopper building, and again….a cycle that never stops!


Brooklyn, New York – October 7th, 2015



Thank you Paul to make this happen and thank you Mario Burkhardt ‚MB Leathers‘ to bring me and Paul together!

And, of course, also many thanks to Carrie for your help and to be with us!

Check out and ‚paulcoxindustries‘ on instagram.


Le précieux, …le breton!

At a mystic place with Stéphane Moullec and his ’77 rigid Shovel Chopper.

all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


We met Stéph one day of our summer vacation at the westcoast of Brittany. Him and his straight white Shovel Chop.

_DSC5122lr-sp _DSC5131lr-sp _DSC5156lr-sp _DSC5034lr-sp

…built to rumble!

_DSC5643lr-sp _DSC5325lr-sp _DSC5319lr-sp

…dedicated to his death brother.

_DSC5043lr-sp _DSC5170lr-sp _DSC5031lr-sp _DSC5101lr-sp _DSC5053lr-sp

Landudec, France – 10 août, 2015



Thousand thanx to Stéphane and his family for this great afternoon.




Hard Bobbers by Koji Hamada’s HAMMER SYCLE

Koji’s workshop was our third stage that tuesday.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Shu with his ‚Hardly Driveable‘ knuckle hard bobber.

_DSC5154lr-sp _DSC4888lr-sp _DSC5122lr-sp _DSC5065lr-sp _DSC4907lr-sp _DSC4935lr-sp _DSC4923lr-sp _DSC4908lr-sp _DSC4899lr-sp _DSC4936lr-sp _DSC5021lr-sp _DSC5038lr-sp

…the chief in charge!

_DSC4902lr-sp _DSC4900lr-sp _DSC5008lr-sp _DSC5011lr-sp _DSC5075lr-sp _DSC5003lr-sp _DSC4930lr-sp _DSC4927lr-sp _DSC5130lr-sp _DSC5145lr-sp

Well, that was it for the day, we’re heading back!

_DSC5265lr-sp _DSC5260lr-sp _DSC5246lr-sp _DSC5248lr-sp _DSC5348lr-sp _DSC5240lr-sp _DSC5416lr-sp _DSC5400lr-sp

Saitama, Japan – December 10th, 2014


It was an intense day that december 10th, but we had a great journey with great dudes. I want to thank Lou Nozaki and Shu Kishi to guide us and to let me do the reportage in their workshop as well as Koji Hamada and Tom Hayashi. Last but not least, thanks to Mario ‚MB Leathers‘ Burkardt for making all this possible and Alessandro Bertolotti to be with us and taking care nobody got lost 😉