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The simplicity of art and function.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin

Established in 2005 HEIWA MOTORCYCLE became very popular with it’s slim and low interpretation of almost any kind motorcycles. The unbelievable attention to the details, the reduction of the structures to the max and their very clean line make these builds unique in the world of custom bikes.


‚Yaniv’s‘ pick at the 2013 Yokohama Custom Show, Kengo Kimura’s Triumph T20 Derringer 200, a 199cc brit single of the early sixties.


Just …slim!

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Treasures in the attic…

_DSC5797lr-sp _DSC5840lr-sp _DSC5686lr-sp

Heiwa’s NORTON Model 50 Gentleman, a 348cc Norton single, was built for the 2011 Yokohama Custom Show.

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The lounge with view to the workshop and a sales shop for antique ‚must haves‘.

_DSC5847lr-sp _DSC5630lr-sp _DSC5608lr-sp

Hiroshima, Japan – April 30th, 2015



Thanks to Kengo and his team for their help and the pleasant and interesting stay. Hope to see you again soon!


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Hard Bobbers by Koji Hamada’s HAMMER SYCLE

Koji’s workshop was our third stage that tuesday.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Shu with his ‚Hardly Driveable‘ knuckle hard bobber.

_DSC5154lr-sp _DSC4888lr-sp _DSC5122lr-sp _DSC5065lr-sp _DSC4907lr-sp _DSC4935lr-sp _DSC4923lr-sp _DSC4908lr-sp _DSC4899lr-sp _DSC4936lr-sp _DSC5021lr-sp _DSC5038lr-sp

…the chief in charge!

_DSC4902lr-sp _DSC4900lr-sp _DSC5008lr-sp _DSC5011lr-sp _DSC5075lr-sp _DSC5003lr-sp _DSC4930lr-sp _DSC4927lr-sp _DSC5130lr-sp _DSC5145lr-sp

Well, that was it for the day, we’re heading back!

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Saitama, Japan – December 10th, 2014


It was an intense day that december 10th, but we had a great journey with great dudes. I want to thank Lou Nozaki and Shu Kishi to guide us and to let me do the reportage in their workshop as well as Koji Hamada and Tom Hayashi. Last but not least, thanks to Mario ‚MB Leathers‘ Burkardt for making all this possible and Alessandro Bertolotti to be with us and taking care nobody got lost 😉



Tom Hayashi’s JUNK MOTOR!

all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Tsutomu ‚Tom‘ Hayashi with his ‚Junk-Motor‘ workshop for aluminium casting and vintage saddle restoration. We met him on our way to ‚Ocean Beetle‘ and took the opportunity for some portraits and impressions of his workshop.

Being freak enough he also supplies Shinya Kimura of ‚Chabott Engineering‘ with his gear!


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