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Speedseekers at Pendine Sands, June 2014

Showdown on the british ’sandflats‘ of Pendine.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Pendine Sands is the place where in the twenties, Malcom Campbell and Parry Thomas battled for the fastest run! It became the ‚Bonneville‘ of Great Britain. The VHRA (Vintage Hot Rod Association) organised the revival of these legendary duells the second time already.

DSC_4350fin-lowres DSC_5023fin-lowres

Every morning the racers had to wait until the tide forced the water to leave the beach! As soon as this happened the pits where built on place and the racetrack and the measured gap was marked. Then the impressive convoy of more than 130 racers moved slowly to the pits to do the final preparation on their cars.


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